About me...

I am a Christian seeker of God.  I am a father, blessed with a wonderful son, Ian.
I am a husband adjoined to a talented wife, Lisa.

I was a "Red-Leg" Artilleryman in the Army guard for 20 years.  
I served as a "Sig-O" Signal Warrant Officer for 8 years after that. 
I loved every part of it, but it was time to move on.

On the civilian side, I have worked in accounts payable, 
  manufacturing, distribution, but mostly I/T. 

I spent many years installing and programming (Cobol, RPG, Java) 
 on various IBM mid-range systems (Sys36, AS/400, iSeries).  

I have also worked extensively with cisco networking equipment 
  (VOIP, CUCM, switches, routers, ASA's, etc)

I work with many Oracle products daily, 
 including java, 11G, 12c, OBIEE, OWB, and ODI.  

I have administered windows domains, and exchange servers.
I specialize in GPO's (Group Policy Objects).

I am certified in various Security, IBM, Cisco and Oracle technologies.

I also love to create videos and have used many video packages including 
  camtasia, lightworks, blender, adobe premier, and pinnacle 18.5.

I build websites using JSP's, ASP's, Servlets, HTML5, jQuery, and other technologies.

But my new love is electronics and robotics. 
My son and I both love it, and we can create things together.
We have custom circuits all over our house.  

I have a BoXYZ machine coming in December 2015.  
It has a 3D-Printer, Laser Cutter and CNC built into it. 
...I had to sell my motorcycle to get it  :-)

It is an exciting time to jump into electronics.  
I feel like a kid in a candy store.  
I only wish this technology was around when I was growing up,  
    ...wait, I am still growing up  :-)