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Rockwell 20151119_Thu_0900
Kim 20151006_Tue_1504 Thank you for taking the time to teach the kids about robotics. Owen looks forward to the meeting and has learned a lot from you.
Rita 20151004_Sun_1706 Impressive teaching skills. Unique!!!!
Darryl 20151004_Sun_1704 Awesome, your purpose exceeds you. U R a Miracle!!!
Jody 20150923_Wed_1727 Thank you for starting this club!
lisa 20150908_Tue_1726 whats a happenin hotstuff
Doc 20150908_Tue_1703 I have added a Shift Register Circuit Video. Please check it out.
Doc 20150902-Wed-1500 Don't forget to try out the LED circuit listed in the last lesson slides