Mill Creek Makers!

If you have an Android (Jelly Bean or newer) please bring it to test on MillE15


2015 Fall Meeting Dates:

  • Aug 19 –Introduction + Electronics (Basics)
  • Sept 02 –Electronics (IC’s)
  • Sept 16 –Programming (Android + EEPROM) + Order Deadline.
  • Sept 30 –Intro to Mill-E15 wheeled bot (schematics/components)
  • Oct 7 –Continue building Mill-E15
  • Oct 28 -Continue building Mill-E15
  • Nov 11 –Finish Mill-E15. Discuss plans for Spring.



Scan this with a free QR code reader/scanner to download the MillE15 App.

Maker Videos (right click the links above to download):

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